Join cultural activities in high spirits

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To further the body diathesis, life quality and happiness index of the employees, Sassin attended the sport-activity which was organized by communities.
On Mar 17th, 2017, five employee-representatives joined 2017 Caolu Serial Fun Game II, which was organized by Caolu town government.
There were two games, Two men three feet and Fun football. Through relaxing and humor sports games, the emotional relationships and communications among enterprises and communities are enhanced. Also, staffs’ enthusiasm and team-work consciousness are developed, and after-hours pastime is richer, which improve the spiritual outlook and work efficiency of Sassin people accordingly.
Sassin, as one of the biggest industry enterprise in Caolu town, gained the champion prize, for which favorable comments and acclaims come to us from the Caolu government. As the saying, ‘GOVERNMENTS WIND BLOWING, COMPANIES HIGH FLYING’, only governments, communities and enterprises hold hands together that will push the whole society forward persistently and harmoniously.


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